Smile Doctors Support Services provides resources that allow you to focus on patient care and help grow your practice.

From team member relations to payroll, Smile Doctors Support Services handles the intricacies of staffing management. We provide our Smile Doctors Partner affiliations with services which include employee relations, payroll, benefits, compensation, diversity, compliance, labor relations, training and employee development.
With our comprehensive hands-on onboarding and training, Smile Doctors Support Services manages all technology, operations and marketing integrations. They also seamlessly equip you with all the tools needed for you and your team to do your very best.
The Smile Doctors Marketing team partners with you and your team to grow your brand in the community and introduce you to additional advertising opportunities. Since we make large advertising buys across many DMAs, we receive preferred pricing from most advertising partners. We also offer a robust CRM and marketing automation system that is integrated with Smile Doctors technology which allows for a seamless end-to-end patient journey.
Smile Doctors’ Accounting and Finance teams ensures all financial transactions associated with a clinic are properly recorded and tracked, accounting procedures and controls are established and monitored, and management reporting on financial performance is maintained. In addition, all required tax returns and similar report filings are prepared and reviewed by qualified experts and processed timely in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements.

Smile Doctors’ RCM group strives to achieve best-in-class collection results on behalf of our affiliated practices by employing industry-leading practices and technology without impacting the positive doctor-patient relationship.

Smile Doctors’ RCM group bills insurance companies and third-party payors on behalf of all Smile Doctors affiliated partners so claims are submitted timely and in accordance with all federal, state, and local government regulations and requirements.

Also, Smile Doctors continuously works aged accounts receivables to assist in timely and accurate claims submissions and payment postings, as well as performing any necessary resubmissions or appeals with insurance companies and third-party payers.

Our Smile Doctors Patient AR team is a highly engaged extension of our in-clinic teams to assist with all Patient collections. We continuously work our current and past due account though automated statement processing, decline fee mitigation, and reworking accounts.

Smile Doctors offers doctor credentialing and payor fee negotiations on behalf of the doctors once they are part of the Smile Doctors system.

The Smile Doctors Supply Chain team maintains relationships with some of the largest orthodontic, healthcare, and merchandise supply partners in the industry. Our supply chain team ensures that our partners are able to choose the most cost-efficient and quality products available, able to order quickly and easily, and that clinics receive the shipments in a timely manner.